Hurricane Matthew: Before, During and After

Before the Storm

Hurricane Matthew paid us a visit in early October. Jim and I were at the Palmetto Beach House doing our post season maintenance. It was an unexpected experience for us Ohioans! We are much more accustomed to dealing with winter snow and ice.

The week prior to our scheduled maintenance was my annual beach girls trip! We had glorious weather and we thoroughly enjoyed the beach, the pool and Charleston dining all week.

The Beach Girls!

The Beach Girls!


Crab on the Beach








Shortly after Jim arrived, talk of the approaching storm began. Hurricane Matthew formed late in September 2016 and grew to a category 5 strength with 160mph winds by September 30th. It made landfall in Haiti and Cuba on October 4th as a category 4. Matthew hit the Bahamas hard October 5th as a category 3 and 4 hurricane and then moved up the east coast of the United States finally making landfall on October 8th.

All that to say, we had time to prepare.

Preparing for the Storm

Jumping into action, we moved whatever outdoor furniture we could, inside. Those pieces that were too big to fit through the doors were strapped to the poles by the pool. Propane tanks were turned off and latched down. Our front door is actually an old salvage door. Because of the age of the door and the fact that it opens in, we decided tboarded-upo board it up. hurricane-prep


Having done all we could, we stayed through Friday afternoon. Then we heeded the evacuation warnings and went inland to Columbia to spend the night with our son and daughter-in-law. We left knowing full well that the outcome of this storm was not in our hands. This home has been a tremendous blessing to us and the many people we have hosted.  It never belonged to us and if God chose to blow it away or flood it under a massive tidal surge, it was not up to us. Before we left, we took a walk to watch the angry waves rolling in as the storm approached.before-hurricane-matthew-iop-beach


During the Storm

Reportedly, peak wind gusts reached 69mph and total rainfall was about 10 inches the day of the storm. Storm surge was less than expected. Water came up only as far as the end of our sidewalk and stopped. We never had any flooding in the garage!

After the Storm

Saturday, we took our time leaving Columbia and monitored road closure reports. Route 26 was open by mid-afternoon but was littered with many fallen trees. Our travel app, WAZE, came in really handy as it alerted us to “object in the road ahead”.

As property owners on the island, we received hurricane re-entry stickers several years ago, so we were able to get back on the island Saturday when we arrived. I cannot even begin to describe the joy and relief we felt as we drove up to the house and saw that there was no damage. We didn’t even lose a shingle. There was plenty of debris in the yard and the pool was a mess. But using the net and running our little pool robot , we got it cleaned up nicely.


iop-pool-cleaned-upGetting everything put back into place took us awhile but once it was done, we headed out to the see the beach. The 25th street access was flooded so we walked down to the curve and used the boardwalk at 21st street. Again, we were amazed! The beach took a battering and there were many access piers  lost but for the most part, very little damage to homes.


Emma’s Shell

A surprise benefit of the storm was the huge display of fairly large and intact shells all along the beach. We were able to collect some great ones to bring back for our granddaughter, Emma.


It is back to business as usual for us. Our October schedule was full and no one cancelled. Guests arrived October 12th and their only inconvenience was the flooded access to the beach. By now, even that is gone. In fact, we took a last minute booking for a group that booked a house in Wild Dunes, but because of hurricane damage, they were cancelled.

We feel abundantly blessed to have weathered this storm so well. We know it could have turned out very different.  Returning to Ohio, we had many friends ask us about the storm and why we thought our area had been spared any severe damage. We have no answer for that other than yet another blessing!



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Book Our Vacation Rental for Your Labor Day Week at the Beach Today!

vacation rental Isle of Palms

Imagine walking the beach on a sunny fall morning

Can you imagine yourself right here, on the Isle of Palms beach this Labor Day!  I can! This certainly doesn’t look like the beach in the summer with crowds of people. I love the Fall on Isle of Palms.

Why Come in the Fall?

  • Less people!
  • Weather – It is still in the mid 70’s and low 80’s during the day in September and some of October. November days are often in the 70’s.
  • Less bugs!
  • Most attractions stay open year round
  • Plenty of special events to keep everyone busy

What is There to Do Besides Go to the Beach?

Here are just a few of the events coming up this Fall in the Charleston, South Carolina area:

This is only a sample. If you go here Charleston Visitor Site, you can put in your dates and see everything going on in the Charleston area for the time you are visiting.

How Do I Book Your Vacation Rental?

Take a look at our availability calendar. You can either call Kathy at 330-618-4893 or put in a booking request for the dates you want and Kathy will get back to you with a quote.

Don’t wait! Book Now! We currently have only about 5 weeks left September – November. One of those weeks is the week of September 5th, Labor Day week. The water will still be plenty warm and the pool won’t need to be heated.

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Golf on Isle of Palms


There are just certain things that everyone seems to do when they vacation on the Isle of Palms. Obviously, going to the beach ranks right up there at the top. Dining at a fabulous Charleston restaurant at least once. Shopping in on King Street. Touring a plantation. Very often, families who stay with us will have at least a couple of golfers in the group. We have even had off season bookings with groups specifically coming to golf.

I thought it might be helpful to provide some information about local golf courses.

Golf on the Island:

By far, the best known courses are those in Wild Dunes. There are two courses there.

Wild Dunes Resort Links Course and Wild Dunes Resort Harbor Course – both are 18 hole courses and both are open to the public.

The 18-hole “Links” course features 6,722 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72. The course rating is 72.7 and it has a slope rating of 131 on Bermuda grass.  Designed by Thomas Fazio, ASGCA, the Links golf course opened in 2015.

The 18-hole “Harbor” features 6,446 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 70 . The course rating is 71.4 and it has a slope rating of 131 on Bermuda grass.  Designed by Thomas Fazio, ASGCA, the Harbor golf course opened in 1980.

For more information visit the Wild Dunes site or contact the courses at:

10001 Back Bay Dr
Isle of Palms, SC  29451-2824

Toll Free: (888) 845-8932

Golf nearby:

Not far from Isle of Palm, on Patriot’s Point in Mount Pleasant there is another 18 hole public course. The  Patriots Point Links course on Charleston Harbor facility in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina features 6,900 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72 . The course rating is 72.3 and it has a slope rating of 125 on Bermuda grass.  Designed by Willard C. Byrd, ASGCA/(R) Annika Sorenstam, the Patriots Point golf course opened in 1981. More information about the course can be found at Patriots Point Link

For additional area courses, you can check out the Golf Link site which gives descriptions, fly over views, reviews and plenty of other information.


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Old Pictures of Isle of Palms!

This year is the 63 years old. Seems kind of young in comparison to others, doesn’t it? To celebrate, the City Isle of Palms has posted some old pictures of the island. These are really interesting to look at. Shows there has always been a parking issue on the island! It was a popular place then and it is a popular place now!Isle-of-Palms-parking-300x228



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Friday May 18th marked a very emotional day for hundreds of spectators who lined up and cheered as many volunteers wearing bright yellow “Sea Turtle Rescue” shirts cleared a path down the sands of Isle of Palms State park.  At 3pm the South Carolina Aquarium staff arrived with two Juvenile loggerhead sea turtles, Jammer and Hamlin Creek who awaited their release .  Both sea turtles were rescued from the Isle of Palms last spring/summer in critical condition and have been recuperating in the Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Hospital.  As the staff from the Aquariums Sea Turtle Hospital released each turtle one at a time on the sand, they immediately charged the breakers in their epic journey back into the Atlantic. Hundreds cheered and clapped as the turtles disappeared into the ocean where they were welcomed by bottle nose dolphins.

IOP-Turtle-Release-Blog-1 IOP-Turtle-Release-Blog-2 IOP-Turtle-Release-Blog-3 IOP-Turtle-Release-Blog4 IOP-Turtle-Release-Blog5 IOP-Turtle-Release-Blog6 IOP-Turtle-Release-Blog7 IOP-Turtle-Release-Blog8 IOP-Turtle-Release-Blog9

All photo credits:

Post by

Jamie Lucarelli
Charleston, SC

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