Poogan’s Porch

 What Does Poogan’s Porch Offer?

Poogan’s Porch sits on Queen Street in an area filled with great restaurants housed in old historic homes. The carefully restored Victorian house offers the perfect spot for lunch, dinner or a weekend brunch.
I especially like their warm homemade buttermilk biscuits and the she-crab soup! The buttermilk fried Chicken dinner is one of their signature dishes and it does not disappoint!

Fried Chicken Poogan's Porch
The restaurant has a variety of options for seating. There are private rooms for small groups as well as quaint, quiet, romantic tables of two. In good weather, the porch is available for dining. Well- mannered dogs are welcome to dine with the owners on the porch.

Buttermilk Biscuits Poogan's Porch

How Poogan’s Porch Got Its Name?

The house was built in 1888 and lived in as a single family home for nearly a century. By 1976, the neighborhood had become more suitable to restaurants and the house was sold. The owners moved, but legend has it, Poogan, the family pet, stayed behind. He became the official porch greeter as he wondered the porch searching for scraps and a good back scratch. In 1979, Poogan died of natural causes but his porch and restaurant live on.

Is Poogan’s Porch Haunted?

Poogan's Marker

Plenty of local guides tell stories of Poogan’s Porch being one of Charleston’s famous haunted houses. Of course, one ghost often referred to is Poogan himself.
But there is another ghost that reportedly walks the halls of this old Victorian house. Her name is Zoe. She lived at 72 Queen with her sister, Elizabeth in the early 1900’s. The sisters were very close and largely kept to themselves. Elizabeth died in 1945 and Zoe slipped into a deep depression. Neighbors claimed Zoe walked the streets at night, calling for her sister. She eventually was sent to a mental hospital where she died.
Many stories circulate the ghost tour routes about people in the hotel across the street, sighting Zoe’s ghost moving through the house at night. Staff of the restaurant also report encounters with her. You can read more entertaining ghost stories about the house here: Ghosts

Dessert on Poogan's Porch

The Essentials:

Poogan's Porch at nightPoogan's porch at night


Poogan’s Porch is a very popular place so be sure you have a reservation!

Address: 72 Queen Street Charleston, South Carolina 29401
Phone: 843-577-2337
Hours: Lunch 11-2:30pm    Dinner 5pm-closing    Brunch 9am-2:30pm
Reviews: Trip Advisor      Yelp

Parking: There is a deck across the street. Poogan’s Porch is a long block walk from the Charleston Market.


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The Story of the DeSaussure House on the Battery

DeSaussure House Charleston, South CarolinaMy Obsession

As I have told you before, I greatly enjoy meandering up and down the streets around the battery (Kathy’s Blog Walking the Battery) and gazing at the huge antebellum houses. Truth is, I am just a bit obsessed with them! It seems I see something new every time I go. I also enjoy seeing if I can find information about the history of some of the houses.

1 East Battery is one of those houses I have walked past for years and wondered what stories it might have to tell! This house is also known as The DeSaussure House. It sits on the corner of East Battery and South Battery with three piazzas looking out over White Point Garden (Kathy’s Blog White Point Garden). While it may look like the front of the house actually sits on South Battery, this is the classic Charleston style. Look at the picture below and you will see the front door on the side facing East Battery allowing the piazzas to take full advantage of the breezy Charleston Harbor.


Thomas Coffin (1795-1863), owner of the Coffin Point Plantation, a well known cotton plantation on the coast in Beaufort County, originally owned the lot a 1 East Battery. In 1858, Coffin deeded the lot to Louis DeSaussure (1824-1888), a highly successful business man. DeSaussure constructed the three story stuccoed brick mansion with triple-tiered piazzas between 1858 and 1861. Unfortunately, in February of 1865, the house was damaged when a large gun exploded at the corner of East and South Battery. There was also severe damage done to the home in the famous 1886 Charleston earthquake.

The original design was a much more simple exterior especially with the window details. After the earthquake, the house was rehabilitated by a new owner, Bernard O’Neil. He added the ornate iron balconies seen today beneath the windows and more details to the window and door trim. In addition, he added an elaborate cornice and a roof balustrade (later removed).

The O’Neil family kept the house until 1926. The house was purchased by Mrs Robert E.Lee, III for a time. During World War II, it was used to house Navy officers.

 1 East Battery The DeSaussure House Charleston, South Carolina

(Photo By ProfReader – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=29393116)


Currently, the DeSaussure house is no longer a single family home. It has been divided into three condos. Unit A is a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, 1900 sq.ft. condo that is valued around $1,200,000! Unit C is 2 bedrooms, 3 baths 2100 sq.ft. and valued around $1,200,000 as well. The carriage house beside the mansion was subdivided into a separate house and given the address 2 South Battery. It is a 5 bedroom, 5 bath 4500 sq.ft. home worth over $3,000,000!

Fact or Fiction?

According to legend, and several carriage tour drivers who love to pass these legends around, Louis DeSaussure invited guests to come and gather on the roof the piazzas to witness the 1st shots of the Civil War fired on Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. Supposedly, they cheered from their prime observation spot when the shots were fired. Fact or fiction? I really don’t know but I would guess there would have been a great view from that spot.


#CharlestonSouthCarolina #thebattery

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White Point Garden

              White Point Garden 1851

White Point Garden is one of those special places every Charleston, South Carolina visitor must explore!

History of White Point Garden

Did you know that White Point Garden was originally called “Oyster Point” and later the name was changed to “White Point”? The name comes from oyster shells bleached by the sun, found at the edge of the peninsula. A bath house once stood at the end of King Street from 1840-1881. Cake and ice cream was sold in a parlor above the bath house. It was removed in 1881 and the waterfront area was filled in to make the park larger.

White Point Garden with bath house 1872







The area once covered in oyster shells is now covered in grass. A variety of statues, plaques and canon replicas as well as a gazebo are spread out in the 5.7 acres of this public park. Live oak trees provide abundant shade. Spectacular antebellum homes and a gentle breeze make this a popular place year round.

On a clear day, Fort Sumter and the Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse are visible. Dolphins can often be seen jumping amid the shrimp boats. This is a great place to watch a sunset!

If you plan to visit, make sure you wear good walking shoes since the concrete slabs along the waterfront are uneven. Also be mindful that there are no public washrooms in the area.

White Point Garden Charleston, SC

                     White Point Garden today


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Walking the Battery

Walking the Battery in Charleston!

Walking the Battery in Charleston!

Antebellum style houses along the Charleston Battery

Antebellum style houses along the Charleston Battery

Walking the Battery in Charleston South Carolina is one of those activities that must be done almost every trip we make to the Holy City! Why is that?

Perhaps it is the water and view of shrimp boats and the possibility of spotting dophins….

Perhaps it is the picture postcard antebellum southern mansions all along the road…

Perhaps it is a chance to get away from the crowded streets downtown…

Perhaps it is time wandering the historic avenues and peaking through iron gates for glimpses of beautiful urban gardens…

Watching for dolphins and shrimp boats

Watching for dolphins and shrimp boats

Whatever the draw, it is strong for me. I feel as though I am much further away from downtown than we really are. It is a step back in time. A place to let go of my “to do” list and just enjoy the sights and the sounds and the smells.

The scenic promenade that runs along this southern most tip of the Charleston Peninsula allows you to walk without having to worry about traffic. This is the place where the Cooper River and the Ashley River meet. On a clear day, Fort Sumter and Sullivan’s Island Lighthouse can be seen. The furthest point along the promenade is called White or Oyster Point because of the piles of oyster shells there.

In 1737, there was a fort on this site called Broughton’s Battery. The sea wall was built in 1750 to protect the fort. Then, in 1789 the fort was demolished. During the War of 1812, this spot was occupied by Fort Wilkins. In the Civil War, it was a coastal defense artillery battery. Now the area sports a public garden with paved paths, military statues, canons, cannon balls and a gazebo. It is a great place to let the kids run and climb or to have a picnic.

Interesting Houses Along the Battery

In case you want to take yourself on a history walk, here is a list of famous houses along East Battery. There are plenty more, but this is enough to get you started!

Louis DeSaussure House is an antebellum house at 1 East Battery

Robert William Roper House is a historic house at 9 East Battery

William Ravenel House dating back to 1845 at 13 East Battery

Charles Drayton House is a historic Victorian home at 25 East Battery

Edmondston-Alston House is a historic house located at 21 East Battery. This one is a museum and you can tour it. Check here for addition information.


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A First Timer’s Guide to Charleston


Visiting Charleston, South Carolina for the very first time can be and exhilarating, but overwhelming experience! There is so much to see and so much to do!

Here is a great guide for the first time visitor that gives some suggestions on things to see and places to eat. Of course, personally, I would say the best place to stay is not listed in the article! That would be our house, the Palmetto Beach House on Isle of Palms.

Did you know that it is only a 20 minute drive to downtown Charleston, from our house?

Here is the guide. I hope you enjoy it! First Timer’s Guide to Charleston

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Charleston for Lovers on a Budget!

Tim-and-Sarah-wedding-169x300We host plenty of families attending weddings or bridal parties needing a place to stay for their wedding. Not only that, but both of our sons got engaged at the Palmetto Beach House and frequently return to the Charleston area on a newly wed budget. The Charleston area is filled with romance. Here is a great article about some fun romantic things to do around Charleston! Enjoy!

Cheap Romantic Ideas for Charleston

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