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Residential elevator with gate open

Residential elevator with gate open

One of the most frequent issues guests have at our vacation home rental is mastering the art of the residential elevator! After countless calls from guests saying the elevator was broken, when in fact the problem was the gate had been left open, I decided to do a short video demonstrating how to use the elevator. Hopefully, this will be helpful to you!
The most important thing to remember is that this is a residential elevator and it runs much more slowly than the commercial elevators in hotels.
This was filmed in the garage area beneath the house since most people initially access the elevator through the garage to take up the luggage and groceries.

Calling the Elevator:

  • Press the call button. Notice the button does NOT turn green. It will turn green once the elevator arrives at the stop.
  • It takes a good 40 seconds for the elevator to come from the top level down to the garage. It seems like a long wait. Be patient!
  • You will see a light shine through the small hole near the top of the door as the elevator approaches.
  • When the elevator arrives the call button turns green and you will hear a tick as the safety latch releases on the door.
  • Next, you must enter your code into keypad. This is the same code you use on the front door and garage stairs entry. If you selected a personal code, that code will only work if you entered it into the elevator door lock, otherwise you will have to use the 10 digit code you were given for your reservation.
  • After you enter your code, press the Schlage button above the keypad. You will hear a little ascending series of notes if your code was entered correctly and the button will flash green. You can now open the door.
  • If your code was not entered correctly, the Schlage button will blink red and you will hear a descending series of notes. Try again, but realize you will only be allowed three trials before the lock will time you out for a few minutes.
    **Please do not push on the door, pull on the door or kick the door in an effort to get it open. It is designed to never open if the elevator is not at that level. If it did open, that would be a huge safety issue.

Be patient! Follow the steps carefully. If the elevator fails to come, go back upstairs, find which level the elevator was left at. Open that door and you will most likely find that the gate is open. 90% of the time, that is the problem.

Residential elevator with gate closed

Residential elevator with gate closed

When all else fails, you can always send someone to ride the elevator down and open it that way rather than using the keypad to unlock it.

Riding the Elevator:

  • Enter the elevator and close the door.
  • Close the gate.
  • Press the button for the desired floor
  • Do not jump in the elevator as it will unbalance the sensors and may cause a malfunction. Again this is much different from a commercial elevator.
  • Be careful that you do not put your hands inside the metal gate to touch the door.
  • Once the elevator comes to a complete stop, you will hear a click and you can open the gate and door and step out.
  • ALWAYS CLOSE THE GATE BEFORE SHUTTING THE DOOR WHEN YOU EXIT THE ELEVATOR. If the gate is not shut, the elevator will not move and you will not be able to call it from another level.

Helpful hints:

I like to send the elevator back down to the garage level so it is ready whenever I need it to bring up groceries or luggage. If you are not using it because of physical limitations, then I would suggest you do that as well. Just push the button 1 before closing the gate and it will go down and stop at the bottom.
If for some reason the elevator stops between levels (This rarely happens if someone was jumps while riding the elevator or if your load is very uneven with excessive weight on one side), do not attempt to fix the elevator yourself. Call Stuart. He knows how to troubleshoot many issue. There is an emergency phone in the elevator in case someone gets stuck inside.
It is a nice feature to have this elevator in our home. With patience, following the correct steps and monitoring children at all times, you can enjoy the use of the elevator for the duration of your stay. Our family mostly uses it for luggage and groceries and it is very helpful!

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