Pet Agreement Addendum to Terms and Conditions 2405 Palm Boulevard:

  1. Special permission must be obtained from the owner for pets to be allowed in this rental
  2. The only pets permitted are dogs previously approved by the home owner.
  3. Guest agrees to document the number and type of pets that will be in the rental
  4. Guest agrees to pay additional rent and cleaning fees required for having a pet during the rental period.
  5. Guest must control the pet at all times and no pet may be left on the premises unless a responsible adult is also present or the pet is confined to a crate.
  6. Guest is liable for all damages to property or persons caused by the pet.
  7. Guest agrees to comply with all local ordinances regarding pets.
  8. Guest must clean up after the pet on the grounds of the property and dispose of all pet waste in sealed bags in the outside trash cans.
  9. Outside the premises, all pets must be on a leash and no pet shall be tied outside the unit.
  10. Pets are not permitted to disturb other guests or neighbors of the property.
  11. Pets are not allowed on any furniture or bedding.
  12. Pets are not permitted in the pool. Our filtration system is not equipped to manage pet hair.
  13. Guests are not to use house linens for pets. Please bring your own towels and bedding for your pet.
  14. Guest recognizes that violation of these terms may result in immediate termination of this rental agreement and forfeit of all payments.
  15. Guest agrees to be responsible for all COSTS and EXPENSES due to any damage caused by or on account of the pet.
  16. All pets must be up to date on shots and flea/tick prevention.

Additional Pet Costs

  1. A flat fee of $250 is added to the base rental fee for a single pet allowed by the owner. Each additional pet is an additional $50. Pet fees must be taxed.

An additional refundable non-taxable  deposit of $250

Pet Agreement

I have made arrangements to bring ________ (number) pet(s):___________________________( type of pets). I have read the above additional terms and costs regarding pets and I agree to all terms and conditions listed.

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